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The Najar Group is different in that we value the team approach without utilizing a pyramid structure within our office. Real Estate Teams are just one-way our team has decided to grow our business. Our Real Estate affiliates, staff, vendors, and clients all work together as a team to get the job done. We’re not going to lie— it can take some time to sell your first property and it can take some time to make a lot of money. But time is money! If you work very hard, stay consistent, stay dedicated, stay organized, and on schedule, there is no doubt that you will become extremely productive and successful in real estate.

Here are 5 benefits to joining a real estate team:

Accountability and Structure
One of the largest benefits of being on a team is Accountability and Structure. Most Real Estate teams hold normal 8 to 5 office hours, regular team-based meetings, processes and systems, and defined expectations of performance. According to the study done by the author of The Four Tendencies, the largest percentage of people (41%) fall into a personality category called Obliger. Most people NEED accountability from others in order to meet expectations. Working in teams is a great way to ensure your success if having accountability and direction has a positive impact on your personality.

Learning Opportunities
If you are new to any business, it is overwhelming to try and learn everything you need to know, on your own, without mentorship. Many people find that the team model provides more learning opportunities than independent roles as your team is directing and teaching you along the way. You don’t have to worry as much about the sink or swim mentality because you have people on the team invested in your learning, education, and success.

Another benefit of a team is that there is someone at the office to answer the phone when you are out with clients or someone to sit an open house on a day when you are busy securing a new listing. As we have said, listings are the lifeblood of all agents, so you should always strive to focus on new listings and close existing ones. At the Najar Group, we manage your paperwork and ensure that the listings are moving towards closing, so you can focus on serving your clients and growing your business.

Financial Safety Net
Becoming a Real Estate Agent is an investment. There are broker fees, license fees, office space fees, technology fees, and yet more fees. Joining a team will provide you with the opportunity to share all those business expenses. Joining a team can be very cost effective!

Team Synergy
Joining a team gives you community, support, and makes you feel good. (Or it should!) Being a part of something larger than yourself is a huge PRO of joining a Real Estate team. Plus, think of all the team celebrations, brainstorming sessions, mixers, and opportunities that come with being surrounded by others that have your back!

Should only new real estate agents join a real estate team?

Joining a real estate team can be a huge boost to any real estate agent’s career. Established agents will benefit from a team as well. If a team is set up well, it will help an established agent sell more houses by providing support staff, leads, accountability and help when an agent is sick or goes on vacation. Our goal is to let our agents sell houses, while our staff takes care of the marketing and paperwork.


● Keller Williams Profit Sharing Plan

● Mentoring & Coaching from a veteran realtor (Former KW Rookie of the Year recipient)

● KW Weekly Training Classes

● No Desk Fee

● Office Space, Utilities, Computers, and Phones

● Transaction Coordinator

● Proven Systems, Vendors and Accountability

● Software – Mojo Multi-Line Dialer, BoomTown CRM, Haines, Showing Time

● Prospecting Lists & Internet Leads

● Fifty Open House Signs – Set & Retrieval

● Team Lockboxes

● Team Reduced CAPPER Fee


● Dedicated Hard Work

● Adherence to a consistent schedule that we know WORKS.

● Circle Prospecting & Door Knocking for new leads

● Negotiate purchase agreements & contracts with buyers and sellers

● Host open houses and other events

● Attendance at a weekly team meeting.

● Commission Split

“When small actions are performed consistently, it produces great results”